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Mind Control

While getting bagels this morning with my son Anthony, we came across an old lady who was fascinated with my son.  She asked me how old do I think she is, and I responded, “low 60s?”  she said she was 94 years old.  I was shocked because she did not look older than 60.  So I asked her, “how does she look so young?”

It’s all about mind control she says.  We all tend to stress out about things, and let things overwhelm us. We all have the power to control our minds, and reduce or eliminate tensions that can affect us.  

I realize part of that is true, if  not most of it.  Our mind is what controls our body, our decisions, perceptions, etc…  If we can just tap into it, and use it in a positive way, it can give us the results we are after.

In simple terms, the phrase “don’t worry, be happy” can apply to many situations which we tend to allow to overwhelm us.  Many of us are scared of failure, but failure is what defines us, its what makes us stronger, what gives us the opportunity to try other ways to achieve our goals, to succeed.

When making decision is best to breathe in deeply, before you make the decision, focus on those items relating to the decision, and only that, first thing that comes to mind, should be your decision.  

How does mind control, affect your physical appearance?  How is it that not stressing out, living a happy life, slow your aging process?  Well lets all start by changing that perception you have, and look at issues in a positive way.  No one controls you, only you can control yourself.  Only your mind, controls your body, and you, your spirit is what has the power to control it.

Meditation, clearing your mind, is a great way to start.  Take a few minutes in the morning to clear it, and use breathing to help.  See if that helps, and let me know what you think!

It’s relaxing to watch horses, and exciting to watch them race

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